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Workshops in last few months by Robotech Labs

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Amazing Year Amazing Workshops Amazing Locations

Robotech Labs has been conducting  Workshop in Colleges from last 9 years, However this post is to showcase our work in the year 2017.

We conducted workshops through India, Our Trainers traveled the length and breath of India. The first workshop started with Mobile Robotics in the Holy City of Amritsar. On the same dates the Mobile Robotics workshop was also conducted at IIT Indore.


The Peaceful Golden Temple

Amritsar Workshop


We also covered the cities of Gwalior , Mathura, Greater Noida, Banda, Kolkata to conduct the Workshops on Sixth Sense and IoT under Techkriti IIT Kanpur Outreach Program.

Cloud Computing Workshop at IIT Kanpur

Apart from that a great workshop on Sixth Sense was conducted at SCT Trivandrum in the month of March. It was one of my personal favorites.

The Favorite SCT Workshop

The Evening after the Workshop at the Famous Kovalam Beach.

Meanwhile we covered few cities in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka , the three major workshops on Big Data, Cloud Computing and Sixth Sense were conducted at IIT Kanpur.

Big Data at IIT Kanpur

Before this we also conducted a Workshop on Swarm Robotics at Pragyan NIT Trichy.

Pragyan NIT Trichy Workshop on Swarm Robotics

Pragyan NIT Trichy Workshop on Swarm Robotics

Then we covered the Kerala down South with many amazing workshops along with cities like Bhopal, Kota, Bhuwaneshwar, Ahmedabad and Chennai. Another huge Workshop on Big Data conducted at SRM University during Aaruush.

Yummy Food in Chennai

We also covered many cities to conduct the Outreach Program for Techniche IIT Guwahati and conducted six Workshop at IIT Guwahati Campus.

The Beautiful IIT Guwahati Campus

Then there were successful workshops at BITS Pilani Campus.


Robotic Workshop at BITS Campus

Night Show after Workshop


Finally the New Year Started with Amazing Finish of workshops at Techfest IIT Bombay.

The Workshop at IIT Bombay

After Workshop at IIT Bombay



If you are looking to conduct a workshop in your college or techfest , simply fill the form below and our team will get back to you.


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