Sixth Sense Robotics Workshop covers two aspects i.e. Microcontrollers & Robotics and Image Processing. Two days are divided in such a way that both the aspects are covered and synced .

Day one usually covers uC and its applications with practical sessions, Day two is focused on Image Processing using MATLAB and syncing both the worlds.

The workshop would taken up by the people in the industry having immense experience at the international level in the field Image Processing .

Charges Details:

The charges for the workshop are 5400 INR Per Team of maximum four members.

The Charges includes:

  • Training fee of the 2 day workshop
  • Free Kit to a team of four students.
  • Participation certificate
  • Additionally, Manuals, Study Material and Codes is provided to each student.


We conduct workshops on two consecutive days. Each day has an eight hours session (in total 16 hours). This is properly divided into theory and hands-on sessions.

Also some time is exclusively left Interactive Session for Problem Discussion and discussing new ideas etc

Practical Activities Covered

  • LED and Motor Control

Students Learn the basic code to program the board. They learn how to glow the LED’s and make patterns on them , secondly they learn how to control the motors.

  •  Computer Controlled Robot

Students Learn to control the Robot by sending commands through the Keyboard. It is same like playing a racing game and control your car using ASWDX.

  •  Ball Following Robot

The Students make a Robot which shall be able to follow a ball using the camera attached. The programming and concept are taught in detail.

  • Change a PowerPoint Presentation with your hands.

Amazing it is , now use sixth sense technology to control a power point presentation by using your hands, no Mouse or Keyboard is required.

  • Control Media Player with Hand Movements.

Also learn to control your VLC Media player using your hands. Just wave the hand to stop or play , move your hand to the left to reverse or right for fast forward.

The Faculty

The faculties are people from top academic institutions, industries and research institutions. They have experience in the industries at the same time had the best education in this field. In fact some of them are pursuing master and Doctorate at Top notch universities to build their knowledge base.



  • International Certification from Robotech Labs Private Limited Certified by Professionals from IIT’s


Kit Content:

  • One Multipurpose Development Board (Atmega 8 Based) [1Pc]
    • 4 channels of motor control( L293NE ), capable of driving 2 dc motors or 1 stepper motor at a time
    • 8 digital input channels for sensor interfacing
    • ADC – with 6 inputs for Transducer interfacing
    • Onboard Port Connector for In System Programming
    • USB Connectivity for PC /Laptop Interfacing
  • One USB Programmer [1 Pc]
  • One Robot  Chassis [3 Pc]
  • Two Geared Motor [2 Pc]
  • Two IR Sensors [2Pc]
  • One USB Cable [1Pc]
  • Sensor Connectors  and Cables [ 4 Pc]
  • Batteries 9V [2 Pc]
  • Battery Snaps [ 2 Pc]
  • Two Wheels with Grip [ 2 Pc]
  • Two Castor Wheels [ 2 Pc]
  • One Pack of Nut and Bolts [ 1 Pack]
  • One Screw Driver [1Pc]
  • One CD Containing All Software and Study Material [1Pc]
  • One Atmega 8 IC [1Pc]
  • One Motor Driver IC [1Pc]

Total 28 Items in the Kit

Course Details

Introduction to Computer Vision

The journey in to vision robotics will start from basic discussion on vision sensors and different cameras available. We will explore the application of vision in robotics and mechatronic systems.

Digital Image Processing in MATLAB

We will start from the basics of Matlab and after that only we will explore the Image Acquisition and Image Processing toolboxes.
Image Acquisition and Processing: Here we will discuss the data structure of image acquired. The understanding for Pixels, color spaces, vector indexing and matrix indexing will be developed in this module.

Image Manupilation

We will deal with Adjusting image intensity, Image histogram equalization , Using arithmetic functions to enhance images, Thresh holding, Edge Detection, Template matching, Distinguishing colors, Shape Detection, frequency domain filtering and convolution.

Video Acquisition and Manupilation

Using the video to process it and use it for Robot Control.

Microcontroller Programming & Machine Control

  • Introduction to Microcontrollers
  • Programming of Microcontroller
  • Motor Control
  • UART
  • Interface uC with Computer
  • Understand the MATLAB Output and Coding in MATLAB
  • Microcontroller Programming
  • Interfacing uC with Computer and Reading the Processed Data from MATLAB
  • Final Testing


  • Ankita jain says:

    I have really like this workshop which is on 6th sense. I am getting very knowledge about 6th sense from this workshop.
    This was a great experience for me. I have learn many things in this workshop.
    Thanks vaibhav agrawal sir this was a great experience For me and in future i would really like to join this kind of workshop thanks sir….

  • somnath kishore says:

    kindly inform me about your upcoming workshops

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