Java Workshop

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Certificate of Excellence from Tryst 2019 IIT Delhi & Robotech Labs

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What is Java ?
Java is a programming language expressly designed for use in the distributed environment of the Internet. It was designed to have the “look and feel” of the C++ language, but it is simpler to use than C++ and enforces an object-oriented programming model.

Introduction to Basic JAVA
–  Features of JAVA JVM, JRE, JDK.

Java Fundamentals
– Data types Operators, Control Statements Operators, Loop statements, Arrays String

Essentials of Object-Oriented Programming
– Object and Class Definition, Inheritance, Class Fundamentals, Constructor, Method Overloading,Method Overriding, Static Members,Understanding Interface, Using Interfaces class.

– Why packages,Creating packages, Understanding Class path, Access modifiers and their Scope.

Exception Handling
-Importance of Exception Handling,Exception Propagation,Exception Types, Using try and catch,

I/O Operations in Java
-Byte Oriented Streams,File Handling, Readers and Writers.

Multithreaded Programming
Introduction to Multi-Threading, Understanding Threads and its States, Java Threading Model,Thread class and Runnable Interface, Thread Synchronization,Preventing Deadlocks

Network Programming
Introduction to Networking, TCP Socket and ServerSocket, UDP Socket.



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The Charges includes:

  • Handouts and training material
  • Certificate of Excellence from Tryst IIT Delhi & Robotech Labs



Certificate of Excellence from Tryst 2019 IIT Delhi &  Robotech Labs.


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Event Schedule

2nd March 2019 at IIT Delhi, 4th March 2019 at IIT Delhi


Duration: 1 Day (10 Hour per day)

Venue: IIT Delhi

No. of Team Members: 1

Free Study Material to every Individual

**Limited number of seats

**If the Workshop gets cancelled, all the participants will be given full refund.