Photoshop Workshop

Free Study Material & SDK Kit to every Participant.
Certificate of Excellence from Tryst 2019 IIT Delhi & Robotech Labs

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Photoshop Workshop Content Overview


 Bitmap vs. Vector-Based Graphics

 Color/Bit Depth and Image Resolution

 Graphic File Formats

 Optimizing Web Graphics

 Regular Text vs. Anti-Aliased Text

 Pixel Resize vs. Smart Resize

 Regular Graphics vs. Interlaced Graphics

 Lossy Compression vs. Lossless Compression

 Dithered Graphics vs. Non-Dithered Graphics

 Standard Selection vs. Floating Selection

 Tolerance

 Opacity

 Color modes- RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, LAB, Bitmap

 Hue, Saturation, and Brightness

 Browser Safe Colors

 Shadows, Highlights and Midtones of an Image

PhotoShop Interface, Tools and Options

 About Photoshop

 The Photoshop Interface

  Setting up a new Photoshop document

 Saving a new document

 The Default Palette

 Working with Photoshop Palettes

 The Photoshop Toolbox and Options bar

 Using Guides and Ruler

 Supported import and export image formats

 Opening an Image in Photoshop

 Creating Images In Photoshop

 Saving Images In Photoshop

 Basic Image Editing

 Changing Image Size

 Cropping an Image

 Changing Color/Bit Depth

 Optimizing Images using Save for Web

 Working with Color in Photoshop

 Photoshop Tools

Photoshop Layers

 About Layers-Fill and adjustment layers

 The Layer Palette

 Naming Layers

 Creating Layer

 Deleting Layer

 Viewing Layers

 Moving Layers

 Layer Opacity

 Locking Layers

 Merging Layers

 Layer modes and blending options

 Image composting using layers

Photoshop Channels

 About Channel

 The Channel Palette

 Creating and Viewing Channels

 Modifying Channe

 Deleting Channel

 Alpha Channels and Masks

All about Actions

 Using the Action Palette

 Recording Action

 Playing Action

 Editing Action

 Loading a Saved Action

Restoring and Enhancing Images

 Restoring Damaged Photos

 Photo Retouching

 Changing Level

 Changing Curves

 Color Balance

 Histogram

 Gradient Map

 Equalize

 Threshold

 Channel Mixer

Text Editing and Special Effects

 About the Type Layer

 Creating Vertical and Horizontal Types

 Point and Paragraph Text Creation

 Using Horizontal and Vertical Type Mask Tools

 Choosing a Font

 Changing the Type Color

 Choosing a Type Size

 Specifying Kerning and Tracking

 Using Fractional Character Widths

 Specifying Baseline Shift

Photoshop Special Effects and Filters

 About Special Effect

 Using Filter

 Basic Filter Examples

 Artistic Filters

 Distorting Filter

 Filter Combinations

 Plug-in Filters

Adobe ImageReady

 About Image Ready

 Opening Image Ready

 The Image Ready Interface

 Image Maps

 Image Slicing

 Basic Animation

Project to be Covered

 Designing Photo Frame

 Editing Old Images

 Face Editing in Photoshop

 Black & White to Color

 Making Painting in Photoshop



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The Charges includes:

  • Handouts and training material
  • Certificate of Excellence from Tryst IIT Delhi & Robotech Labs


Certificate of Excellence from Tryst 2019 IIT Delhi & Robotech Labs.


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Event Schedule

3rd March 2019 at IIT Delhi


Duration: 1 Day (10 Hour per day)

Venue: IIT Delhi

No. of Team Members: 1

Free SDK Kit to every Individual

**Limited number of seats

**If the Workshop gets cancelled, all the participants will be given full refund.