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Certificate of Excellence from Anwesha IIT PATNA & Robotech Labs.




This workshop on Android Development is focused on App Development. Google Android Development Workshop mainly focuses on how to use native Android OS for building your own Android Application. Students will be introduced to Android Development environment  with tools and infrastructure designed to help developers build high-quality apps

The topics will be covered with Live Practical Implementation. Please carry your laptops.

Charges Details

The Charges includes:

  • Handouts and training material
  • Certificate of Excellence from Anwesha IIT PATNA & Robotech Labs


This is properly divided into theory and hands-on sessions.

Also some time is exclusively left Interactive Session for Problem Discussion and discussing new ideas etc


Certificate of Excellence from Anwesha IIT PATNA and Robotech Labs

Course Details

Starting with Android

  • Introduction to Open Source
  • Introduction to Android technology
  • Structure of Android applications
  • Understanding Manifest

Working with Activities

  •  Creating Skeleton Application
  •  Using XML based layouts
  •  Using Basic Widgets
  •  Working with Containers
  •  Using Selection Widgets
  •  Using Fancy Widgets and Containers
  •  Applying Menus and Fonts
  •  Embedding the WebKit browser
  •  Showing Pop-up Messages
  •  Dealing with Threads
  •  Handling Activity Lifecycle events

Data stores, Network services and APIs

  •  Setting Preferences
  •  Accesing the Files
  •  Working with Resources
  •  Managing Local Databases
  •  Communicating with Internet


  •  Create Intent Filters
  •  Launching Activities
  •  Intospection with action
  •  Handling Rotation

Content Provides and services

  •  Using a Content Provider
  •  Creating a Content Provider
  •  Managing Permissions
  •  Creating and Using the Services
  •  Creating Alerts with Notifications

Advance Operations with Android

  •  Accessing Location based Services
  •  Mapping with MapView and MapActivity
  •  Handling Telephone Calls
  •  Searching with Search Manager
  • Telephony and SMS
  • Audio, Video and using the Camera
  • Bluetooth, Networks and Wi-Fi


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Event Schedule

11-12th Jan AT IIT PATNA


Duration: 2 Days

Venue: IIT Patna

No. of Team Members: 1

Free Take-Home Kit to every Individual

**Limited number of seats

**If the Workshop gets cancelled, all the participants will be given full refund.

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