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Workshop on Animation & 3D Designing

This workshop is specially dedicated to those who dream to work in an environment full of colour and imagination and want their careers in a happening animation industry It also covers an overview of the 3D computer animation industry, Basic modeling techniques, Creation of materials & Texture maps, Basic lighting techniques, Basic camera manipulation, Hierarchy linking, Basic key framing techniques, Rendering and Basic designing techniques in animated movies. After the workshop participants will come up with a short 3D movie designed by them.

Charges Details

The charges for the workshop are 1000 /- per person inclusive of all taxes and training material.


We conduct workshops on two consecutive days. Each day has an eight hours session (in total 14 hours). This is properly divided into theory and hands-on sessions.

Also some time is exclusively left Interactive Session for Problem Discussion and discussing new ideas etc


The Faculty

The faculties are people from top academic institutions, industries and research institutions. They have experience in the industries at the same time had the best education in this field. In fact some of them are pursuing master and Doctorate at Top notch universities to build their knowledge base.


  •  International Certification from Robotech Labs Private Limited Certified by Professionals from IIT’s.

Course Details


Interactive session

o About animation
o About MAYA
o Application of MAYA


o Clearing the user interface
o Introduction of different palettes

Creating Primitive shapes

o Polygon Primitives
o Nurbs Primitives
o Subdiv Primitives

Learning about Different modes of an object

o Vertex mode
o Edge Mode
o Face Mode
o Object Mode
o Learning about Mesh Flow

Familiarizing Tool Palette

o Selection & Move tool
o Rotate tool
o Scale tool
o Implimitation of these tools with shortcuts


o Learning the difference between Plane Modeling and Box Modeling
o Go through the ‘Edit Mesh’ menu
o Creating Interiors
o Learning to place Blueprints for higher modelling

Texturing , Lighting & Creating Camera


o Hyper shade Palette
o Unwrap UV


o Learning about different lights
o Simple lighting
o Three point lighting

Creating Camera

o Learning to use camera for production level
o Learning about camera settings

Simple rendering & Rigging

Simple rendering

o How to render image with different sizes


o How to place bones
o How to assign controllers to bones
o Explaining the use of ‘Advance Biped’


Time Line & Animation

o Learning about Frames & Frame rate
o Explaining what is animation with the help of persistence of vision
o Key frame animation
o frame by frame animation
o Camera Animation
o Object Animation

Character Animation , Project Maintenance & Advance Rendering

Character Animation

o Explaining Principles of Character Animation
o Creating Simple Walk


Project Maintenance

o How to create new Project & work in it


Advance Rendering

o Batch Rendering



Event Shedule

SLOT A – Closed, SLOT B – Closed


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