Build 10 Robots in 6 Days – Summer Training Program 2018                  

Every Student will be provided with a Kit to Perform Practicals individually for better understanding and learning.                                              

  • Fully Practical Course – Make 10 Robots in 6 Days
  • Projects starts from basic to goes to advanced Robotics
  • Programming using Embedded C
  • Understanding of Sensors and Robotics Systems


The course starts from basic and progresses to advanced robotics . The students will be provided with Robotics Kit and the projects will be build with enhanced learning.

The hands-on sessions will include 10 different robots with focused learning on :

  1. Micro-controllers
  2. Programming
  3. Sensor Interfacing
  4. Mechanical Design of Robot
  5. All Robotics Concepts needed to design the Robots.

Practical Projects 

  1. Line Follower Robot
  2. Obstacle Avoider Robot
  3. Speed Controlled Robot
  4. Wall Following Robot
  5. Mobile Controlled Robot
  6. Gesture Controlled Robot
  7. Swarm Robot
  8. Maze Solver
  9. Computer Controlled Robot
  10. Bluetooth Controlled Robot

The Robotic Kit

  • Development Board
  • DC Motors
  • Wheels
  • Castor
  • Sensors
  • DTMF Module
  • Accelerometer
  • Wireless Module
  • Bluetooth Module
  • USB Cable
  • Batteries
  • Connectors
  • Chassis Set
  • Other required items

The students will be performing practicals individually on the kits, if the students want to purchase the kit individually then they can purchase the kit at the venue at 2000/- per kit.


  • Techniche IIT Guwahati
  • Robotech Labs Private Limited
  • Letter of Internship from Robotech Labs


  • Noida – Robotech Labs , E 220 Sector 63 Noida
  • Chennai – IIT Madras Research Park
  • Hyderabad – To be Announced
  • Mumbai – To be Announced


Dates :

Chennai  :

June 11- June 17th 2018

Noida :

Batch 1 : May 14th

Batch 2 : June 4th

Batch 3: June 18th

Batch 4 : July 2nd

Mumbai – July 2018

Hyderbad – May 2018


How To Enroll

  1. Fill the Registration Form.
  2. Pay the registration fee. Pay Fees Now by Clicking this Link.
  3. Its done, the balance fee can be submitted on joining.
  4. Only 20 seats in a batch.


We will share with you the details of the PG’s and Guest House available in the vicinity. You can choose to book the PG/Hostel beforehand according to the facilities you need and your budget.



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