Cognizance IIT Roorkee -The Annual Technical Festival of IIT Roorkee was  held on 27-29th March 2015.

Robogames India -The International Level Robotics Championship was held on 4-5th April 2015.

Robotech Labs in association with Cognizance, IIT Roorkee and Robogames India is conducting Zonal Rounds across India to conduct learning workshops to enable students prepare for Robotics events at Cognizance and Robogames India.

Register Your college as a Zonal Center : Register Here 

Event Details

Round 1 (WORKSHOP to be held at Zonal Centers):

1. Robotics workshop will be held at 20 selected Nodal centers all across India. The details of the Nodal centers  are available here :

2. The workshop fee is included in the Registration Charges.

3. During the workshop ‘HIGH QUALITY Robotic Kits’ will be supplied by Robotech Labs to a Group of 5 Participants at free of cost.

5. All Participant of this workshop will get a Discount Voucher of worth Rs. 1,000/- for Robotech Labs Summer Programs.

6. The Duration of the Robotics Workshop will be of 2 Days (7-8 hours each day).

7. The Workshop will be delivered by the Research Engineer of Robotech Lab Private Limited .


Round 2 (NODAL FINAL ROUND to be held at Nodal center):

1. Just after the workshop, a Mega Competition (Nodal Final Rounds) will be held.

2. Winners will be awarded, Discount Vouchers of worth Rs. 2,500/- and will be recognized as Nodal Final Winner and details would be updated on the website.



1. Winners from the Nodal Final Round will directly participate in the International Finale at Robogames India on 4-5 April.

2. Winners of the Grand Finale will be awarded with the Prizes and would be recognized as International Robotics Challenge GRAND FINALE Winners.

3. Total Prize Money at Stake is INR 2 Lakhs and will  be honored by Cognizance IIT Roorkee, Robogames India & Robotech Labs Private Limited.

4. Each Participant of Grand Finale will get a Certificate of Excellence by Cognizance IIT Roorkee , Robogames India & Robotech Labs.

Process guidelines

1. We want your association to Conduct the Zonal Rounds of International Robotics Challenge with   a big success in your college.

2. A proper publicity will be done about the event at All India Level.

3. Dates of Nodal final can be finalized by telephonic conversation with Coordinators of Robotech Labs Pvt. Ltd., according to the College feasibility and slots available in their calendar.

4. The Round-1 & Round-2 of Robogames  will be conducted at college campus.

Benefits of associating with us

1. Name and Logo including website link will be published on our official website mentioning that “You are our Official Nodal Partner” on the website of Cognizance IIT Roorkee & Robogames India and Robotech Labs Private Limited .

2. Authorized Team will visit your College to organize the entire event.

3. An email will be sent to more than 1 lakh users of our web partners about your college publicity.

4. Posters and Flexes will be sent to you for effective regional publicity.

5. All India publicity through SMS will also be done.

6. All Candidates who is related to this workshop in any manner will get certificates .

Responsibilities of an Organizer

1. Hospitality (2 days) for a team of 2-3 members.

2. Pick and Drop facility from the nearest railway station/bus stop/ airport.


1. Seminar hall/classroom having enough capacity to conduct hands-on-session for all participants. Good Quality public address system ideally two wireless mikes (microphones) will be required.

2. Projector/ Screen along with black/white board for teaching and presentation purposes.

3. One small stereo jack cord to connect in laptop for its sound system. This Nodal center can only be arranged for a minimum of 100-150 students.

Certification Policy

1. Internationally valid “Certificate of Excellence” from Cognizance IIT Roorkee,Robogames India, Robotech Labs  to each participant.

2. Internationally valid “Certificate of Coordination” from Techfest’15 , Cognizance IIT Roorkee, Robotech Labs and Robogames India to each Organizer.


Workshop Objectives

1. To provide deep insight into Robotics building blocks.

2. To impart Micro controller programming skills.

3. To develop Robot programming, assembly & testing skills.

4. To develop embedded systems programming, assembly and testing skills.

5. To make robot building easy and fun exercise.

6. All theory will be followed by Hands on sessions.

7. At very Low Cost.


Eligibility Criteria

All engineering hobbyist and Robotics Enthusiast students can attend this event, as Robotics has become the backbone of all the industry needs.

Registration charges

Registration fee for the Event is INR 800 which includes entry to Zonal Rounds and Finale for the Winners. It also includes the fee for the Workshop and Training Kit to be provided to a group of 5 people and Certification for Each participant.

Workshop would be on “Mobile Robotics ” or “Embedded Robotics“


Thank You!!!!!!

We ensure that you will find our initiative extremely beneficial for your students. If you have a any queries kindly get back to us. We are looking forward to a quick and positive response from you and a long term association with your esteemed college.

For any Further details contact us:

Vaibhav Agrawal | Robotech Labs Private Limited

Contact : 0 971 821 47 67

Email :