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Introduction to Machine Learning - Robotech Labs

Posted by | August 13, 2019 | Blog Post | No Comments

Humans reacts on everything on the basis of past experience or the conscious mind and are independent to take the decisions,machine performs the task they are taught.Humans can take the decision by their own intelligence but the machines are bound to take the decision according to the parameters they have in their control body i.e. computer program or code.Machine Learning is the field which gives capability to machines without being accurately programmed.
Machine Learning uses algorithms,mathematical models to predict the most related outcome for a specific task.

Machine Learning is sub-categorized to three types :

1->Supervised Learning -(A training data is required to learn)

2->Unsupervised Learning -(Machine is able to learn self sufficiently)

3->Reinforcement Learning-(By using Hit and trial method machine is able to learn)


Have you ever searched some project on the e-commerce website and got the suggestion of the same product on
your any social media account or got the suggestion like people also buy the same product with this,

this is done with the help of machine learning,An algorithm is designed in such a manner to show the previous bought
together product with the same product or the product you have been searching on different sites.

There are different platforms to get started with Machine Learning, Mostly at learning stage people use Python to begin with. You can check out the Installation of Anaconda in this Blog Post to install Anaconda and Get Started.



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