Robomania Robotics Kit



A Multipurpose Robotics Kit which can be used to make more than 30 exciting projects at a go. You can program the kit using USB through your Laptop/PC.

The Kit is easy to use and can be assembled in 10 minutes. You can reprogram it unlimited no of times and hack to make the projects of your choice.


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The Robotics kit contains the following items , however you can integrate various different types of sensors to it.

  • One Multipurpose Development Board (Atmega 328 Based) [1Pc]/ Arduino
  • One USB Programmer in-built
  • One Robot¬† Chassis [4 Pc]
  • Two Geared Motor [2 Pc]
  • Two IR Sensors [2Pc]
  • One USB Cable [1Pc]
  • Sensor Connectors¬† and Cables [ 4 Pc]
  • Batteries 9V [2 Pc]
  • Battery Snaps [ 2 Pc]
  • Two Wheels with Grip [ 2 Pc]
  • One Castor Wheels [ 1 Pc]
  • One Pack of Nut and Bolts [ 1 Pack]
  • One Screw Driver [1Pc]
  • All Software and Study Material – Emailed in PDF Format [1Pc]
  • One Atmega 328 IC [1Pc]
  • One Motor Driver IC [1Pc]
  • One Multipurpose Board [1Pc]


Weight 1.0 kg