Internet of Things


What do you get ?

  • Hardware Kit
  • Internship Certificate

Internet of Things 

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. In 2013 the Global Standards Initiative on Internet of Things defined the IoT as “the infrastructure of the information society.” The IoT allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems, and resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit; when IoT is augmented with sensors and actuators, the technology becomes an instance of the more general class of cyber-physical systems, which also encompasses technologies such as smart grids, smart homes, intelligent transportation and smart cities. Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure.

The training program is a Hands-On Program with Practical learning focused on latest concepts on Internet of Things. Individual Kits are provided to students for practical knowledge and hands-on learning.


Introduction to Internet of Things

  • Applications of IoT over Robotics, Marketing, Governance, Manufacturing
  • IoT Standards in Industry
  • Security Concerns in IoT
  • IoT Hardware Requirements
    -Analysis of Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi,

Role of Cloud Computing in IoT

  • Tools, API and Platform for integration of IoT devices with Cloud
  • IoT cloud platform and integration with Gateway
  • Web services and APIs

IoT Hardware Study and Implementation

  • nodeMCU
  • Connecting to Wi-FI
  • Interfacing of Electronic and Robotic Components.

Hands – On Projects

The following projects will be covered in 15 day training.

  1. Google Assistant Controlled Smart Home Automation System
  2. IoT Enabled Smart Health Device
  3. Graph Visualization of Sensor Data

Kit Content

  • nodeMCU
  • miniUSB Cable for nodeMCU
  • 15 M2F Connectors
  • 15 F2F Connectors
  • Breadboard
  • LED -2
  • Switch – 1
  • DHT 11 Sensor
  • Screw Driver
  • Relay Module
  • Bulb Holder with Wiring
  • 7805


Certification – YES


  1. International Certification from Robotech Labs Private Limited


  • Delhi Technological University [ June 15- 30th  2020 ]
  • Robotech Labs at Noida [ July 2- 16th 2020]
  • Online Training and can be attended from any location


INR 6599/- includes Kit , Courier Charges and Training with Certification.

( Also Includes Study Material , Codes and Documentation )

Additionally a Two week Project can be added which can be completed from home which shall make the total internship period as One Month.


Upcoming Training Schedule

DTU [ June 15- 30th 2020], Noida [ July 2 -16th 2020 ], Online