Autocad Workshop

Free SDK KIT to every Participant.
Certificate of Excellence from Tryst 2019 IIT Delhi & Robotech Labs

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AUTOCAD Workshop

AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software program used to create blueprints for buildings, bridges, and computer chips, among other things.

Generate design ideas in any form, turn 2D designs into digital 3D objects and create fully dimension-ed drawings to document your designs.
This workshop focuses from Basics concepts in the field of designing and increases the imagination power of the students 2-d designing is the 1st design after making the 2-d view of any element it is necessary to provide the accurate dimension to our parts and finally we make the 3-d view of our element. It is necessary to the students to 1st the 2-d design. It covers introduction of designing, 2-d design, drafting and dimensioning, presenting design sheet and in the final work on some project.

Topics to be covered:

Introduction to AutoCAD 2D
Taking the AutoCAD Tour
 Navigating the Working Environment
 Working with Files
 Displaying Objects

Creating Basic Drawings
 Inputting Data
 Creating Basic Objects
 Working with Units

Manipulating Objects
 Selecting Objects in the Drawing
 Changing an Object’s Position
 Creating New Objects from Existing Objects
 Changing the Angle of an Object’s Position
 Creating a Mirror Image of Existing Objects

 Creating Object Patterns
 Changing an Object’s Size

Drawing Organization & Inquiry Commands
 Changing Object Properties
 Using Linetypes

Altering Objects
 Trimming & extending Objects to defined boundaries
 Creating parallel & offset geometry
 Joining objects
 Breaking an object into two objects
 Applying a Radius Corner to Two Objects
 Creating an angled corner between two objects
 Changing part of an object’s shape

Working with Layouts
 Using Layouts
 Using Viewports

Annotating the Drawing
 Creating Multiline Text
 Creating Single Line Text
 Using Text Styles
 Editing Text

 Creating Dimensions
 Using Dimension Styles
 Editing Dimensions
 Using Multileaders

Hatching Objects
 Hatching Objects
 Editing Hatch Objects

Working with Reusable Content
 Using Blocks
 Using Tool Palettes

Creating Additional Drawing Objects
 Working with Polylines
 Creating Splines
 Creating Ellipses

 Designing Of Mechanical Machine Tools In 2-D View.
 Design Of Two Parts of Lathe Machine And Its Drafting.



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The Charges includes:

  • Handouts and training material
  • Certificate of Excellence from Tryst IIT Delhi & Robotech Labs


Certificate of Excellence from Tryst 2019 IIT Delhi & Robotech Labs.


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Event Shedule

3rd March 2019 at IIT Delhi


Duration: 1 Day (10 Hour per day)

Venue: IIT Delhi

No. of Team Members: 1

Free SDK Kit to every Individual

**Limited number of seats

**If the Workshop gets cancelled, all the participants will be given full refund.