Robotics Technology

This  is a Certified  15 Days Extensive Robotics  & Embedded Systems Summer Training Program designed to meet Industry Requirements  and help in placements ,it introduces you to the world of Robotics with more than 26+ Practical Activities.


  • Noida
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad

Fee :

INR 6899 /- All inclusive

Batch Dates : 

  • May 2
  • May 16
  • June 6
  • June 20
  • July 4
  • July 18



Course Content

Module 1 (15 Days) Embedded Systems & Robotics (Beginner and Advanced)

Understanding Microcontrollers, Embedded C Programming, Motor Control and Sensory Vision.

Making Robotic Applications like Line Follower, Obstacle Avoider, Wall Follower, Mobile, Computer and Gesture Controlled Robots, GPS based Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Remotely Controlled Wireless Robot and much more…

Hands on practical on Advanced applications GPS, DTMF, RF, ADC and USART based Technologies and implementing intelligent behavior through IR, LDR, Ultrasonic Metal Detector, Touch Sensor and various displays such as LCD, LED and SSD.

For detailed overview : Check out the first 15 days of four week program.


Why you should attend this training ?

  • Exhaustive Course Content including the Basics as well as Advanced Robotics and Embedded Stuff with a aim to provide as much as knowledge in less time and give more time to students for Practice and Other Activities.
  • Ideal for students wanting to participate in robotics competitions, make robotics projects, and those who want to put their theory to practice.
  • Students those who want to learn more things in the field of Robotics and Embedded Systems.
  • Students those who want to see how things actually works.
  • International Certification

 Free Take to Home Kit 

  • One Multipurpose Development Board  [1Pc]
  • One USB Programmer [1 Pc]
  • One Robot  Chassis [3 Pc]
  • Two Geared Motor [2 Pc]
  • Two IR Sensors [2Pc]
  • One LCD Display [1Pc]
  • One 4 in 1 Board [1 Pc]
  • One Seven Segment Display [1Pc]
  • One USB Cable [1Pc]
  • Sensor Connectors  and Cables [ 6 Pc]
  • Batteries 9V [2 Pc]
  • Battery Snaps [ 2 Pc]
  • Two Wheels with Grip [ 2 Pc]
  • Two Castor Wheels [ 2 Pc]
  • One Pack of Nut and Bolts [ 1 Pack]
  • One Screw Driver [1Pc]
  • One CD Containing All Software and Study Material [1Pc]
  • One Atmega  IC [1Pc]
  • One Motor Driver IC [1Pc]

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