Tall Building Design

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Certificate of Excellence from Tryst 2019 IIT Delhi & Robotech Labs

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Tall Building Design Workshop

A “tall building” is a building that is generally taller than the width of the adjacent street right-of-way or the wider of two streets if located at an intersection. … When the quality of architecture and site design is emphasized, tall buildings become important city landmarks.

The design of tall buildings essentially involves conceptual design, approximate analysis, preliminary design and optimization to safely carry different loads acting on structure. The structural design for a skyscraper must ensure that the building is able to stand up safely, able to function without excessive deflections or movements which may cause fatigue of structural elements, cracking or failure of fixtures, fittings or partitions, or discomfort for occupants. Tall Building Design Workshop primarily aims at educating the participants about analysis and design of tall buildings.

Students will be introduced to Structural building engineering and associated software used in tall building design. With the help of various case studies, the participants would be made to understand and develop the skills required for designing tall buildings in the real world. Participants will learn to evaluate different problem statements given to them and so increase proficiency in key civil engineering concepts.

What will you learn?

  • The technical concepts involved in Structural engineering
  • Analyze and design a building using an industry grade software
  • Understand the effect of wind load on high rise building
  • Case studies on lateral load resisting structural system


  • High Rise building
    • Introduction
    • Structural systems
    • Load resisting systems
  • Codes requirements conforming to Indian Standard
  • Load Calculation ( Dead , Live , Wind )


  • Industrial approach to projects
  • Modelling of a structure: An overview
  • Setting up different load cases
  • Design of concrete frames
  • Design of Steel frame elements
  • Modelling and design of shear walls
  • Case studies on industrial projects



10 Hours Workshop. This is properly divided into theory and hands-on sessions.

Also some time is exclusively left Interactive Session for Problem Discussion and discussing new ideas etc.



INR 1979 /-

The Charges includes:

  • Handouts and training material
  • Certificate of Excellence from Tryst IIT Delhi & Robotech Labs


Certificate of Excellence from Tryst 2019 IIT Delhi & Robotech Labs.


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Event Schedule

SLOT A – 2nd March 2019 at IIT Delhi