Project Based Internship

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Benefits :

  • Complete your requirements of Semester Internship of 3-6 months.
  • Learn new technologies
  • Complete Live Projectsc

What is the internship all about?

This is program where you learn and implement your learning through a live project.

Program Structure?

  1. Candidates will be given few topics to choose from which they select atleast two topics.
  2. Candidates will be provided training on those topics.
  3. Candidates will be given projects based on those topics.
  4. Candidates have to complete the projects through the learning provided and self learning.
  5. Projects can be completed individually or in groups.

Learning ?

There will be workshops conducted for the candidates, using which they can learn about the topic and use it to implement the project.

Project Work ?

Candidates will be provided with a mentor who will timely assess and evaluate the candidate’s progress. Candidates can also timely asks their doubts from the mentor.

Duration of Internship?

You have to complete the internship in 3 -6 months period. i.e. minimum three months and maximum 6 months.

Certification ?

  1. You will be certified for the topics you will learn.
  2. Further your project will be evaluated and a internship completion letter will be provided to the candidate.

Application Process?

Register and Pay your fees and get started.


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Project based Internship

Project Based Internship