Android App Development



Overview :

This Android App Course  training will be hands – on instructor led online training with HP CoC  Certification. Course Objective  has been set as per HP CoC certification requirements.

Dual Certificate Advantage 

You can also learn Java Course along with Android and go for additional Microsoft Certification.

Course Content

Introduction to Mobile Apps , Why we Need Mobile Apps , Different Kinds of Mobile Apps

Introduction to  Android: History Behind Android Development , What is Android? , Pre-requisites to learn Android , Brief Discussion on Java Programming

Android Architecture :  Installing Android Machine ,Configuring Android Stack , Creating Eclipse Environment , Integrating Android with Eclipse IDE , Exploring Eclipse IDE , Creating First Android Application , Creating Android Project , Debugging Application through DDMS , Setting up environment , AVD Creation , Executing Project on Android Screen

Hello World App –  Creating your first project

The manifest file , Layout resource , Running your app on Emulator ,

Building UI with Activities:  Activities ,Views, layouts and Common UI components , Creating UI through code and XML  , Activity lifecycle , Intents ,Communicating data among Activities , Advanced UI , Selection components (GridView, ListView, Spinner ) , Adapters, Custom Adapters, Complex UI components , Building UI for performance,Menus , Creating custom and compound Views

Notifications : Toast, Custom Toast ,Dialogs ,Status bar Notifications , Services: Overview of services in Android ,Implementing a Service , Service lifecycle , Broadcast Receiver

Selection components (GridView, ListView, Spinner ) ,Adapters, Custom Adapters , Complex UI components , Building UI for performance ,Menus .

Database : Introducing SQLite ,SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database , Opening and closing a database ,Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and deletes

Shared Preferences ,Android File System , Internal storage , External storage

Multimedia in Android : Audio , Video and Image


Web Services and WebView , Consuming web services ,Receiving HTTP Response (XML, JSON ) , Parsing JSON and XML , Using WebView

Using Location Based Services , Finding current location and listening for changes in location , Working with Google Maps ,Showing google map in an Activity,Android Application Deployment

 Real Time Application on Android as Project for College Submission 

Practicals Covered 

The training program includes learning sessions with the help of hands-on sessions.  The content will be covered as per the time no of days.


Certification :

  1. HP CoC Certificate on clearing the assessment.
  2. Microsoft MTA Certification if JAVA Course is taken.
  3. Certification of Excellence from Robotech Labs Private Limited.

Sample Certificate 

HP CoC Certification



Course Delivery [ Live Instructor Led Online Sessions]

  • Batch 1 : May 20 – June 5th
  • Batch 2 : 1- 15 June
  • Batch 2 : 16 – 30 June

Expected Duration :  2-3 Hours Each Day.

Course Fee ( What does it include ? )

Option 1 : INR 5599/-  (Online Course Delivery + Study Material + HP CoC Certification Exam Voucher )

Option 2 : INR 8599/- ( Option 1 + JAVA Course + Microsoft Certification Exam )

*A Project week ( including Two weeks of Project Work from Home ) can be added extra. The total internship period will be Four weeks in this case.

Other Details :

  • The Examination Voucher expires 12 month(s) from when it is issued.
  • Vouchers or licenses are not valid if altered or revised in any way and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.
  • Certification is issued on exam clearance by HP CoC, and Microsoft respectively.
  • The voucher must be used by the registered candidate.
Upcoming Training Schedule

Online (May 20th – June 5th) Option 1, Online (June 1 – 15th) Option 1, Online (June 16 – 30th) Option 1, Online (May 20th – June 5th) Option 2, Online (June 1 – 15th) Option 2, Online (June 16 – 30th) Option 2